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With A Side Of Robert Pattinson, Please

The Community For Rob Obsessors Everywhere

Rob Pattinson Plz
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A Robert Pattinson Community
» Welcome
Welcome to robpattinsonplz, a community dedicated to Robert Pattinson. Feel free to post any news, pictures, and picspams related to Robert here...

» Rules
001. No Rob Bashing. Any and all posts like this will be deleted. And comments dubbed as such will be deleted. And the member(s) that violate this rule will be warned/banned accordingly.

002. Rob Only Posts Please. First and foremost this is a Robert Pattinson community. And we have to ask that all post please be on-topic (i.e.: Rob has to be in that story/video/audio/picspam somewhere) and related to Rob in one way or another. Rob movie related news (release dates/plot summaries/set visits) are of course always welcome, but news stories on Rob's co-stars aren't really appropriate here.

003. Promoting On Pattinsonlife. Whether it be another LJ comm or an outside site. Before posting please PLEASE get permission from a mod before posting. We just want to make sure we know what's getting promoted/ or asked for in the comm. (This would also include any type of project where you'd want robpattinsonplz's name on.) See our Page-A-Mod Section below.

004. General Community Rules Apply.
- If you're posting a big picture please use an lj-cut.
- If you take any graphics posted please remember to credit
- No drama! Be respectful of one another. No bashing one other will be tolerated here.

» Contact Us
any questions, comments, complaints, request or concerns. Feel free to PM any of the mods, or Page-A-Mod. And we'll try to get back to you a.s.a.p!
- beesandbuttons
- ladywolf_
- hesmahmonkeyman

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